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    We craft these un-fussy, durable cutting boards from salvaged hardwoods milled from trees that are downed in storms or must be removed in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota.  The basic handled board is approximately 16" long by 8" wide, and 3/4 to 1" thick.  Each board will vary somewhat, and each is likely to have some "character" possibly including knots and other imperfections which do not detract from its usefulness.

    Each board comes finished with "The Original August Fischer Wood Honey," a rich mixture of beeswax and food-grade white oil.  With proper care it will become an old, trusted friend, and you can have the daily satisfaction of seeing these lost trees live on in a useful way.

     Dimensions (will vary):  16"x8"x1"

    Wood Species:

    Red Oak - with its strength and workability, is commonly used for furniture, veneer, flooring, and sailing ship decks.

    White Oak - with its strength and rot-resistance, is prized for making wine and whiskey barrels and in shipbuilding - just ask the English.

    Hard Maple -  with its fine and clear grain, is frequently used for cutting boards (surprise!) and for making pool cues and skateboard decks.

    American Ash - known for its strength and straight grain, Ash is used in making tool handles, baseball bats, hurleys (look it up), and Fender Stratocasters.

    Red Elm - with its interlocking grain, Red Elm was commonly used in the hubs of wagon wheels and hockey sticks for its shock resistance.

    Northern Cherry -  one of the best woods for furniture and millwork with tight, small grain.  Pinkish cast of the heartwood darkens over time. (Wisconsin)

    Ebonized - naturally "ebonized" White or Red Oak using iron salts which turns the tannins in the wood black.  It is a surface treatment and will wear with use.


Handled Cutting Board

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