• Cheese/Charcuterie/Server Board

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    Our Cheese/Charcuterie/Server Boards are each "one-of-a-kind" and made from "rejected," salvaged hardwood boards.  We sometimes take advantage of a natural edge to the wood, with even bark attached.  If there is a particular wood and shape that you like, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU ORDER, and we can tell you what we have on hand or what we can make you.

    Each board comes finished with "The Original August Fischer Wood Honey," a rich mixture of beeswax and food-grade white oil.  With proper care, it will become a trusted, old friend, and you can have the daily satisfaction of seeing these scraps live on in a useful way.

     Rough Dimensions (which will vary widely):  12"x12"x1"


Cheese/Charcuterie/Server Board

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